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Andersen Elementary School opened its doors in 1919. The school is located in Bayport, Minnesota and along the heart of the beautiful St. Croix River. It is one of seven elementary schools in Independent School District 834. We are a pre-kindergarten through fifth grade school with an enrollment of 350 students. We offer full day kindergarten and first through fifth grade traditional classrooms.

Our educational program is based upon Minnesota State Standards and is designed to help each child reach their academic potential while at the same time helping students develop skills to be outstanding citizens in our community. We have a safe and caring school where each child is valued for the person they are and the contributions they bring to Andersen Elementary.

We also encourage parent involvement and support. Our hope and vision is to develop a strong partnership between the school and family so we can work together in helping children develop to their fullest potential. Parents are encouraged to visit classrooms, talk with teachers, volunteer services, and attend conferences. Parents are always welcome at Andersen Elementary School.

Andersen Elementary offers a variety of programs including STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics), media, music, physical education, special education, gifted and talented, program for English learners, Student Council, Adventure Club before and after school care and after-school programs through Community Education.


To ensure high quality, innovative, challenging education where all Learners are valued and respected. 

Core Value Statement:

  • The school district environment must be honest, respectful, caring and safe.
  • High expectations for learning must be held by all stakeholders.
  • Diversity must be recognized, accepted and promoted through inclusive practices.
  • Stakeholder cooperation, teamwork, and partnerships are essential.
  • Creativity, innovation, and initiative area encourage and celebrated.

Historical Information

The first school district organized in Bayport was District Number Three in 1854.

historic Andersen school


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