Andersen Parent Group Guidelines


NAME: Bayport Parent Group

The purpose of the Bayport Parent Group shall be to strengthen the partnership between home, school and the community.

ATTENDANCE: The Bayport Parent Group shall be comprised of any parent or guardian of students attending Andersen Elementary School. Representation from school faculty, and administration shall be encouraged to attend monthly meetings and provide input.

VOTING RIGHTS: Any parent or guardian of students shall have the right to vote, including the Secretary, Treasurer, and one co-chair. In the event of a tie vote, the non-voting co-chair shall cast the deciding vote.

OFFICER: The Group shall consist of two Co-Chairpersons, (Chairperson and Chairperson Elect), Secretary, and Treasurer elected from the parent/guardian membership.

OFFICER DUTIES: The Chairperson and Chairperson Elect will facilitate Parent Group meetings, serve as contact people between meetings, and will set and prioritize agendas. The Secretary will keep written records for all meetings and post the minutes for the previous months meeting on the school web site. The Treasurer will receive all monies, keep an accurate record of receipts and disbursements, pay out Parent Group monies only as authorized and present a statement of account at every monthly meeting.

ELECTION: Elections shall be held annually at the last parent group meeting of the year using paper ballots. Members may vote by ballot during the day of the election in the school office if attendance at the May meeting is not possible.

TERMS OF OFFICE: No person shall serve more than two consecutive years as an officer. The Chairperson and Chairperson Elect terms will be two years in length and overlap by one year. The secretary and Treasurer term shall be one year in length not to exceed two consecutive terms.

MEETINGS: The Bayport Parent Group meetings will be held on the second Monday of each month during the school year (excluding December and June), unless otherwise determined by the Parent Group. All meetings shall be open and will commence at 6:30p.m. to conduct all necessary business set forth in the agenda. The previous months meeting minutes and Treasurer’s report must be approved by a majority vote at each meeting.

VOTING OPTIONS: Funding requests will be voted on by paper ballot. A Parent Group member may request paper balloting for any agenda item. Any person attending a meeting may request a vote.

SPECIAL MEETING: Special meetings may be held upon the call of the Co-Chairs. Purpose of said meetings to be set forth in notice sent home with students.

FUNDING REQUESTS: The party requesting a funding request must be present at the monthly meeting in which the request is being voted on, or in the alternative have a representative present to answer any questions regarding the request. Funding request forms are to be completely filled out by a knowledgeable contact person. If the contact person or a contact person representative is not available or unable to answer questions about the request, of its use, the request will be tabled until the next months meeting. Funding request forms are available at the school office.

PRESENTATION OF FUNDING REQUEST: The funding request must be submitted to the Parent Group by the requesting person. The Parent Group members in attendance at the meeting will vote to fund or deny funding on a paper ballot that will be tabulated by the Treasurer or Secretary. Once approved, the contact person should then order, make arrangements of purchase requested items, as soon as possible.

FUNDING ALLOCATIONS: Funding allocations will be determined by the Parent Group membership at the September monthly meeting. Allocations will provide funds to be used by the teacher/specialist at their discretion for the purposes that pertain to the entire classroom population. Funds will be dispersed in a timely fashion upon presentation of receipts. No receipts will be accepted after June 30th of a given school year and total amounts may not exceed allocated amount without prior Parent Group membership approval.

REVISIONS TO GUIDELINES: These guidelines may be revised at any regular or special meeting of the Bayport Parent Group by two-thirds vote of those members in attendance provided that notice of the proposed amendment(s) was given in advance of the meeting where the vote is to take place.