The information on this page is a brief summary. For additional guidance, please review Policy 503: Student Attendance.

Procedure for Reporting an Absence: Report any absence before the start of the school day online in Skyward (use the app) or call your school's 24 hour attendance line. 

Excused Absences

To be considered an excused absence, the student’s parent or legal guardian may be asked to verify, in writing, the reason for the student’s absence from school. A note from a physician or a licensed mental health professional stating that the student cannot attend school is a valid excuse.

The following reasons shall be sufficient to constitute excused absences:

  1. Parent verified illness. (up to 3 consecutive days or 8 total per year) 
  2. Doctor verified illness. (up to 3 consecutive days or 8 total per year) 
  3. Family emergencies or serious illness in the family. (up to 3 days per year) 
  4. A death or funeral in the student’s immediate family or of a close friend or relative. (up to 4 days per year) [Policy 503, page 3] 
  5. Family vacation with advanced notice (up to 5 days per year) 
  6. A student’s condition that required ongoing treatment for any health related issue (physical or mental) with a note from provider. 
  7. Medical, dental or orthodontic treatment or counseling appointment. 
  8. Court appearances occasioned by family or personal action. 
  9. Religious instruction or holiday with advanced notice. 
  10. Physical emergency conditions such as fire, flood, storm, etc. 
  11. Serving a suspension. 
  12. Active duty in any military branch of the United States. 
  13. School bus arrived late

Unexcused Absences and Tardiness

All absences and tardies are unexcused by default. Students and families have 48 hours from the time a student returns to school to contact the school or produce a letter, note, or any documentation verifying a valid excuse reason in order to convert an unexcused code to an excused code. In cases of recurring unexcused absences, administration may also request the county attorney to file a petition with the juvenile court, pursuant to Minnesota statutes. Students attending Stillwater Area Public Schools who attain 7 or more unexcused absences are considered a habitual truant and may be referred to the county attorney’s office.

Students are expected to be in their assigned area at designated times. Failure to do so constitutes tardiness. Students who accumulate multiple unexcused [Policy 503, page 4] tardies will be subject to the discipline rules found within their school handbook.