Afton-Lakeland Forms

FeePay - One Place for Families to Pay for Everything (pdf, 921 KB)

Information sheet on FeePay. Includes brief instructions.

FeePay account setup instructions (pdf, 921 KB)

Instructions for setting up a new FeePay account.

General Serious Health Questionnaire - N26 (pdf, 55 KB)

Complete if your child has a health concern that may result in an emergency at school.

Lactose Intolerance Parent Letter - N27 (pdf, 228 KB)

Complete if your child is lactose intolerant.

Overnight Field Trip Medication Authorization - F2 (pdf, 621 KB)

Health information for overnight field trips, including medication administration.

Parent / Student Information Form (2018-19) (pdf, 65 KB)

Please complete this form if you would like to provide the school information about your child. Forms are due to your student's current teacher by May 3. Teacher requests will not be accepted.