Preschool Registration Information

In order to make your experience with our registration system (FeePay) successful, it is important for you to follow certain steps to ensure that your child(ren) is properly registered. Please review the following information before attempting to use this database. By following these simple directions, you will prevent having to log back into your account in the future to make changes or additions.

First time FeePay™ users must set up an account before registering for preschool. Follow our Create a FeePay Account instructions first and then complete steps below.

Registering for preschool:

  1. Access the FeePay system.

  2. If not already logged into the system, click on the button at the top right of your screen that states “Log In.” Enter your login information.

  3. Roll your cursor over the “Browse All Programs” tab, then over “Preschool,” then over the word “Registration.” Click on the word “Registration.”

  4. For first time users, click on "Create a new account."

  5. Choose the location where your child will attend.

  6. Determine your method of payment. When a Saved Payment Method is stored in the FeePay system, the system will perform a $1.00 pre-authorization to ensure that the card is valid - we then immediately void the pre-authorization. The debit may show, but it will never be finalized (due to the void) so it will not charge the account.

  7. Fill in all appropriate information and click “Complete Registration."

  8. Sign up additional children for preschool by following steps 5 through 7.

  9. When you are finished signing each of your children up for preschool, click on the words “Community Education” at the top left of your screen.

  10. Click on the button that says “Your Profile.”

  11. Click on the tab that says “Preschool.”

  12. Click on the tab near the bottom of the screen that says “Managed Authorized Pickups.”

  13. Enter the names of ALL parents in the authorized pick up section, and also anyone else who is able to pick your child(ren) up from preschool. Please also include a phone number for each of these individuals in the “Description or Note” section.

  14. Click on the button at the bottom of your screen labeled “Save Authorized Pickups.”

To help keep tuition rates down, the cost for processing registrations is charged as a separate fee. Registration fees are non-refundable.