Early Childhood Parent Resources

Today’s parents are exposed to a wide variety of conflicting perspectives and opinions on raising children. Parents find ECFE parenting groups a place to receive sound research-based parenting information from licensed parent educators, as well as support and information from other parents in the group. A parent education group meets a parent's need for support, information, a sense of community and contact with other parents who are facing the same challenges of parenting. Click here for more information about classes.

Questions about discipline or getting children to sleep or eat healthy? These are just some of the questions that the Parent Educators at the Early Childhood Family Center will answer.

Call 651.351.4034 with your parenting questions.

Circle of Security Training October 9, 2020

This free one day webinar is being hosted by Washington County.  Click for more details. 

Play dough Recipe

Love the soft play dough we use in ECFE classes?  Here is the recipe!

ECFE Class Handouts

Lost a handout from class?  Here you will find a good collection of handouts recomended by our parent educators.