Early Childhood Parent Resources

Today’s parents are exposed to a wide variety of conflicting perspectives and opinions on raising children. Parents find ECFC parenting groups a place to receive sound research-based parenting information from licensed parent educators, as well as support and information from other parents in the group. A parent education group needs a parent's need for support, information, a sense of community and contact with other parents who are facing the same challenges of parenting.

Questions about discipline or getting children to sleep or eat healthy? These are just some of the questions that the Parent Educators at the Early Childhood Family Center will answer.

Call 651.351.4034 with your parenting questions.

Parenting Websites

Recommended Parenting Websites

Recommended Parenting Books

Recommended Parenting Books

Special Ed Parent Resources

Special Ed Parent Resources

Move-N-Learn Center

Our indoor play area is designed to meet the ECFC’s special teaching mission of including young learners of all abilities in its programs.

Move and Learn Area

Learning Through Music Newsletters

Music and home activities for parents developed through a Partnership grant.

Early Childhood Advisory Council (ECAC)

The ECAC promotes early childhood education in the community; provides feedback to the program directors and raises funds that are granted back to the teachers to the benefit of all students.