Early Intervention Services: Birth to Age 3

B-3 Intervention

Do you live within the boundaries of Stillwater Area Public Schools?

Do you have a child under the age of three?

Do you have concerns about your child's development?


Early intervention services are available for young children ages birth through age 2 years, 11 months who meet criteria established by the Minnesota State Department of Education. These services are free to families with children who meet the criteria. Email Stillwater0-2@stillwaterschools.org to learn about how to make a referral to Stillwater Early Intervention Services and information about the assessment process.


The Stillwater Early Intervention staff work in collaboration with families of young children with needs to:

  • Build interventions and skill building into family routines.
  • Build family and caretaker knowledge and skills in working with the child's needs.
  • Increase family awareness of community resources and coordinate with outside agencies in areas including medical, community services, public health, and early childhood special and family education.



Services and support are provided in a natural environment, typically a home or child care setting.  However, they can also be provided in a community space that children frequent such as a park, library, or a regular preschool setting.  Services may include early childhood special education, occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech and language services, vision and hearing services.  Depending on the need, visits may occur monthly, weekly, or indirectly.  

In addition to home based service, a classroom opportunity may be available to facilitate the transition between home based service and center based service in the month's prior to the child's third birthday.