Attendance in a choice school

Great news!

Many students are seeking to enroll at the ALC and we currently have 75 students enrolled! This forces us to keep a wait list when there are many students who may want to make the progress and attend our 6 hour program to seek results. The students who currently attend must be present hours 1-6 or as assigned to make their academic achievement goals. Therefore, we are asking you to have thoughtful conversations with your child about attending this ALC and to be present to make gains in credit earning. Choosing to go to work or go to a meeting for an employer during the school day is not an excused absence nor will they earn credit for this in school. Patterns of failing to attend indicate you may need to drop to adjust to an alternate setting. Please make learning onsite your priority.

EXCUSED: Court appointments, medical and dental appointments, driver’s exam, excused illness as verified by parent or guardian, funeral for family, other emergencies only if once in a lifetime or verified by assistant principal.