About the St. Croix Valley Area Learning Center

The St. Croix Valley Area Learning Center, also known as ALC, is a Minnesota Department of Education Approved Alternative Program. Our mission is to provide students with viable educational options as they commit to a program and graduate while pursuing personalized goals for continuous improvement in a growth mindset. Students may seek our school as they have experienced difficulty in the formal system. Those who qualify to enroll will meet the MN graduation incentives criteria for at-risk learners.

St. Croix Valley Area Learning Center is a secondary school designed for students who:

  • Have a desire to attend a 6 hour educational setting where staff meet and greet every learner with a growth mindset,
  • Have experienced or are experiencing difficulty in formal educational systems,
  • Have fallen behind in satisfactorily completing course work for a high school diploma,
  • Have dropped out of school, or because of other circumstances, are at-risk for not earning their high school diploma,
  • Have an opportunity to reset their educational path, and
  • Have a personal goal to work towards graduation with curriculum offerings and guidance from a licensed teachers and a designated advisor trained to personalize your alternative education.

St. Croix Valley Area Learning Center provides academic courses taught with non-traditional methods as well as transition services and support services in cooperation with other agencies.

Students interested in exploring the ALC option should meet with their counselor or team at their current school for a referral prior to calling our site to schedule an intake meeting. Our commitment is to serve students in an engaging program where students meet their goals and earn credits to receive a Stillwater Area High School diploma. Students truly in need of an alternative to formal high school setting may schedule an intake interview. Should the program be full or in the middle of a grading period we may consider placing students on a wait list until a graduate creates a space.  

The ALC hosts a 6 period day and is an inclusive and closed campus. Additionally, for students participating in Credit Recovery and Targeted Services, other sites will provide services for students. The Credit Recovery Program gives students in grades 9-12 the opportunity to recover failed credits while accessing Edgenuity online curriculum and accompanied by licensed teaching staff.

Targeted Services may be available in sites throughout the district and offer intervention to assist students in grades 1-8 who are behind their peers.

Special education services are minimal at the ALC as the formal high school setting at Stillwater Area High School has options and programs to address special needs students with services beyond what our small learning community may offer in meeting needs of alternative students.

ALC Transition Overview and Information