Credit Recovery


Attention Grades 9-12 Students in Search of Added Online Resources to Recover High School Credit!

The St Croix Valley Area Learning Center will be registering students for Credit Recovery classes using online access. The deadline for registration is June 1, 2017.

  • Registration is open to students that are currently enrolled in the district and students that are currently enrolled in a school outside of the district. Registration info for both resident and non-resident students can be found below.
  • Classes require in-person attendance for 17.5 hours per single credit.
  • Most students earn only 1 credit during this time block. 
  • For questions regarding courses to enroll in, please connect with your current school counselor to ensure you're in the correct course.



DAY SESSION: Monday,  June 5 - Thursday, June 29, 2017. (There will be no July session for 2017)

TIME: 8:00 AM - 11:00 AM Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday

LOCATION: Oak-Land Middle School, 820 Manning Avenue North, Lake Elmo, MN  55042



1. Students are expected to attend classes until the course is complete. This is NOT a drop in program.

2. If students must miss class because of a court appointment or once-in-a-lifetime family event, the parent/guardian must inform the ALC Assistant Principal PRIOR to June 1, 2017 to determine if the student will be able to enroll or earn the credit hours. Students are required to attend a minimum 17.5 credit hours on site to earn one credit. Partial credits are not awarded.

3. If a student is ill, the parent/guardian contacts the ALC attendance line at 651-351-8472.

4. Students who do not stay on track to meet target completion date on June 29 risk being dropped from the program.

5. There are no extensions for this program as staff will only serve during the dates of the program.


We do anticipate that student meals will be provided for purchase in cafeteria. All meals are to be eaten in the cafeteria only, prior to class.


Transportation is not provided.



  • The CR program uses Edgenuity, a web based program, so students will be able to work at a local library or at home when not on site. This will allow motivated students to have greater credit earning and a speedy completion so they can optimize hours and complete the required credits and seat time.
  • Students must have a school Google account to participate in this classroom program. New students will be issued a Google account at the start of the program.
  • Your ability to focus on a Pre-test helps you to earn progress and minimize the amount of cumulative assignments.
  • Please bring a notebook and be prepared to take notes, listen with earbuds, and reflect and learn each day. This will help you really grasp the online content to earn credit.



  • Students must meet attendance requirements of 17.5 hours per credit/course.
  • If you are dropped from the program due to behavior or poor attendance, you will receive no grade.
  • There are no incomplete grades in Credit Recovery. P/Pass grades are awarded on transcript upon full credit completion.
  • Partial credits are not awarded to summer participants
  • Non-SAHS students will have a transcript of credit earned sent to their school.


Students are expected to follow all Stillwater Area School District Policies regarding discipline and behavior. Students are to conduct themselves in a respectful manner to all teachers, building staff, classmates and the staff while attending this program. If a student is referred to administrator for not meeting program expectations, the parent/guardian will be contacted and a decision will be made as to whether the student can remain in the program. Teachers will distribute and review behavioral, academic, and entrance and exit expectations upon entry.

We look forward to a successful summer program and working with your child. If you have any questions, please contact Mary Leadem Ticiu, Assistant Principal, St. Croix Valley ALC, 651-351-8470.



Credit Recovery Enrollment Application

Non-Resident of District 834 Form (Please complete in addition to the Credit Recovery Enrollment Application)