Student Wellness Program

Our school staff are committed to supporting students and families through any challenge that negatively impacts their ability to learn.
Each of our schools - from elementary through high school - provide a variety of supports to help students in need. Please contact your school counselor or student advocate to learn more about the services available, which include:
  • Licensed school counselors or student advocates, school psychologists and health services staff are available in our schools every day to support students.
  • Learning Supports Teams (made up of teachers, support staff and principals) are in place at each school to discuss students’ social, emotional and academic wellbeing. They develop plans of support for students as needed.
  • Local community providers such as Family Means, Youth Service Bureau and Canvas Health offer a variety of support groups and one-on-one sessions with licensed mental health therapists within our school buildings.
In addition, district staff will work with students and families to:
  • Encourage students to make healthy lifestyle choices to improve their health and well-being. 
  • A dietitian from Lakeview Hospital is available to work with secondary students on sports nutrition, healthy eating or weight control. Please contact the nurse's office in your school to make an appointment or to obtain more information. There is no cost for this service.
  • Educate students on mental and chemical health issues as part of health classes.
  • Facilitate referrals for students in need of additional support to school and community healthcare professionals.
  • Work with families to overcome cultural, social and financial barriers.


Learn more about the following resources available to families: