District's Mental Health Initiative

Mental Health Initiative and the Community Mental Health Collaborative

In 2017, the school district re-energized a focus on mental health. This initiative can be best explained through the E-12 Social Emotional Learning Framework, which articulates how the school district’s aligned programming from early childhood through transitions is designed to meet the varying needs of learners.

Also in 2017, the Community Mental Health Collaborative was established. This collaborative includes many members of the community and supporting organizations, along with members of the school district. While this collaborative is not a district program, much of the focus in the first 18 months was on school-based support and programming. Examples of these first programs are providing high school students with access to Peer Helpers, support groups, and the Make it OK campaign.

The collaborative has set out to also focus to increased organizational engagement and procurement of supporting funds which would allow for the sustainment of programs as well as opportunities for increased support.