Let's Talk: Student Chemical Health

November 02, 2018

Oak-Land Middle School/Stillwater Middle School works to promote students’ well-being and prepare young people for adulthood. This involves helping students embrace a healthy lifestyle free from the misuse and abuse of alcohol, tobacco products (including e-cigarettes), and other drugs.

To support this goal, information on chemical health topics such as electronic cigarettes, having conversations with our children about substances, and youth substance use trends, will now be included for parents in the high school’s weekly e-newsletter.

For the next several weeks, information will revolve around e-cigarettes and other vaping products as a follow up to the community meeting on October 10. This meeting was held to raise the level of awareness about youth vaping and discuss ways parents/caregivers, Stillwater High School, and the larger community can address this problem.

Stillwater Area Public Schools recognizes that youth e-cigarette use is an issue not only in Stillwater schools, but across the state and nation. Check out the information on the Stillwater Area Public Schools' district website and keep your eyes peeled for more information on this topic to come in upcoming e-newsletters.

Please contact Julia Geigle, Chemical Health Specialist, at 651.351.8198 or geiglej@stillwaterschools.org for specific requests on chemical health related topics you’d like to see in upcoming e-newsletters and/or if you are looking for specific chemical health information.