Let’s Talk: New E-cigarette Quit Program for Young Vapers Looking for Help

February 08, 2019

More and more youth are becoming addicted to e-cigarettes such as JUULs and other pod-based systems due to their high concentrations of nicotine. It’s no wonder that the FDA is encouraging the development of ways to help teens kick their habit of vaping.  

While current resources already exist, Truth Initiative has created an innovative and free text message program to help teens and young adults quit e-cigarettes.

The program is tailored by age group to give appropriate recommendations about quitting and also serves as a resource for parents looking to help their children who now vape. It is being launched and integrated into the already successful This is Quitting and BecomeAnEX® digital cessation programs from Truth Initiative. To access the new e-cigarette quit program, users simply need to text “QUIT” to 202-804-9884 or enroll in either program to get started.