Let’s Talk: Marijuana Fact and Fiction

January 18, 2019

The use of marijuana and marijuana concentrates continues to be an issue among youth. With the changing landscape around marijuana legalization for both recreational and medical purposes, messages can sometimes be unclear for our kids.

Here’s the truth about marijuana:

  • Recreational marijuana is ILLEGAL for those under age 21 everywhere in the United States.

  • Marijuana’s health impacts and addictive potential are much greater for those under the age of 25 as the brain is still developing

  • Marijuana and marijuana concentrates differ greatly in potency. Marijuana concentrates are not only much more dangerous, they can have more severe legal consequences   

  • Medical marijuana  and recreational marijuana are not the same.

    • Keep in mind that medical marijuana has not gone through the rigorous vetting process that all other medications go through before being available to the public.

January 22-27 is National Drug and Alcohol Facts week. Use it as an opportunity to shatter the myths around substances and invite the conversation with our young people about this ongoing public health issue.