Let’s Talk: Coping with COVID-19

March 17, 2020
sad teen looking at phone

Your day-to-day life is being impacted in unexpected and difficult ways. The COVID-19 pandemic is stressful, and it can seem overwhelming to deal with it right now.

The following are resources (articles, tools, videos, etc.) to support you and the young people in your life manage the stress and other mental health impacts of all the disruption. 

Source – YIPA (Youth Intervention Programs Association)


  • YIPA Video: provides practical tips to manage the stress and anxiety during these disrupted times  

  • Enilda Clinic Video : specific strategies to help families cope with school closures related to COVID-19 as it relates to behavior, child and parent stress, anxiety, keeping up education routines, etc.

Books: Check out this great list of books to help your children process feelings, get along with others and more. All the books are available at your local library.

Articles and Links to other Resources:

For Kids: Coronavirus: What Kids Can Do – KidsHealth