Schools closed, Distance learning through May 4

The Governor has ordered all Minnesota schools to remain closed with distance learning in place from March 30 through May 4 to help slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Let’s Talk: Empowering Youth to Speak up Against Big Tobacco

March 22, 2019

Electronic cigarettes, or “vapes,” are considered tobacco products because the majority contain nicotine which comes from the tobacco plant.

Even though the trend among youth has shifted from smoking cigarettes to vaping, Big Tobacco continues to use deceptive marketing strategies to target young people to become lifelong customers. March 20 marked Kick Butts Day: a national day of activism that empowers youth to stand out, speak up and seize control against Big Tobacco.

As parents, caregivers, and supportive adults, we can educate ourselves about this epidemic, inform others about the dangers of vaping, and empower young people to recognize that they are being manipulated to line the pockets of Big Tobacco at the expense of their health and well-being. Fortunately, youth are increasingly recognizing the risks of vaping, including the symptoms of nicotine addiction and overdose.

It’s not about trying to get kids in trouble with adults, but rather providing them with the information so they can come to form of self-awareness where they are able to reach out for help.