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Julia Geigle

Julia Geigle, MSW, LICSW is a Certified Prevention Professional (CPP). She helps students and families in the Stillwater Area Public Schools access a variety of services such as chemical health screenings, early intervention, education, and related support services. Julia also coordinates and delivers substance abuse prevention services to include: classroom and community presentations, policy and program development, and educational and resource materials.

Youth vaping continues to increase at alarming rates based on new data released last week from the 2019 Minnesota Student Survey. In response to the survey data and the ongoing outbreak of severe lung injuries associated with vaping, Governor Tim Walz is calling for aggressive, multi-faceted campaign focused on youth education, outreach and tightening limits for accessing vaping products.

Stillwater Area Public Schools is invested in addressing these serious vaping concerns. As described in the district handbook, vaping (and the possession/use of any substance for that matter) on school property and school events is prohibited. All students and parents/guardians sign off on this to acknowledge their understanding of the rules of our school. Educational and anti-vaping posters greet students throughout the middle and high schools, and staff are educating youth on the harmful effects of vaping and directing them to cessation resources.      

Addressing this vaping epidemic takes a village. The Minnesota Department of Health has a variety of resources available for schools  and parents to combat e-cigarettes and vaping. Please take some time to learn more about vaping by reviewing these and other resources such as:

·         Teen Vaping: What you Need to Know and Vaping

·         Twin Cities Medical Society: Vaping, What Parents Should Know