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Julia Geigle

Julia Geigle, MSW, LICSW is a Certified Prevention Professional (CPP). She helps students and families in the Stillwater Area Public Schools access a variety of services such as chemical health screenings, early intervention, education, and related support services. Julia also coordinates and delivers substance abuse prevention services to include: classroom and community presentations, policy and program development, and educational and resource materials.

In addition to April being Alcohol Awareness Month, April 20 (4/20, 420, 4:20)  has been popularized internationally as a day to celebrate and consume cannabis. Many marijuana/cannabis users attach meaning to this date and intentionally use on this date (and even time of 4:20). Click here to use this date as an opportunity to open the dialogue about drug culture, its impact, and the dangers of using cannabis.

As discussed in past blogs, a growing trend are “dab carts” and “vape pens” used to vaporize THC oil/wax – page 15-18. Young people are gravitating toward this product due to its greater concentration of THC and the convenience of the product – it’s easier to hide and the smell is minimal.

To reinforce our teens’ healthy decisions, as parents/caregivers, we need to intentionally applaud them when they make healthy choices. Likewise, we need to use clear, health-based language about the risks of exposing the developing teen body to substances.

Here are some resources to keep us informed of the risks of cannabis and ways to talk to our young people:

  • Youth and Marijuana – navigating the conversation when our kids say “but it’s legal in Colorado”

  • Youth Marijuana Prevention resources

  • Effects of consuming marijuana edibles  

  • SAMMN – group committed to keeping MN healthy and protecting youth by preventing the commercialization and normalization of marijuana