Healthy Learning Environments


Allergy Aware
Exposure to some fragrances and scents may cause some individuals to experience asthma or allergic reactions, including upper respiratory irritation, headaches, and other symptoms. Please use personal products that are fragrance free/low odor. Many people have allergies, such as peanuts/wheat/latex. Please be respectful of their needs. No latex balloons are allowed on school grounds.

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Animals in the Classroom
We are working to decrease student and staff exposure to potentially harmful animal allergens. Procedures for bringing animals to school are:

  • Teacher will notify the principal, custodian, and students of the type of animal and location. All animals will be properly vaccinated.

  • The location of the habitat for the animal will include consideration of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning components.

  • The teacher will ALWAYS be present when animals are handled by a student.

  • All staff and students will wash their hands before and after handling animals, cage debris, or animal supplies.

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Indoor Air Quality and Asbestos Abatement
Stillwater Area Public Schools has implemented and maintains a complete Health and Safety Program to protect our students and employees. The district continues its efforts to monitor asbestos in our buildings and to respond in a cautious and proactive manner. Periodic surveillance of all asbestos-containing materials takes place semi-annually to ensure they remain in good condition. A complete re-inspection of our buildings takes place every three years which is scheduled for June 2021. 

As an added precaution, these planned abatement projects occur on breaks or during the summer when students are not present in the building. Questions about the asbestos management plan or asbestos removal should be directed to the Manager of Facilities and Site Operations, 651.351.8374.

Also, the district has an Indoor Air Quality Management Plan that addresses any indoor air quality concerns that may be reported. To report these concerns, please contact your child’s principal. Annual building inspections are performed to prevent problems from occurring. Questions regarding the IAQ Management Plan should be addressed to the Manager of Facilities and Site Operations, 651.351.8374.

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Lead in Drinking Water
The district takes the safety of our students and staff very seriously. Please visit the information regarding water safety in the Environmental Health & Safety section of the website here.

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Pesticide Use
Pesticides and non-chemical treatments may be used in a combination in and around school buildings for the control of weeds, as well as insects and rodents. To limit potential pesticide exposure, the district uses a trained and licensed pest control service, and our staff follows safety regulations to ensure pesticides are used properly.

General Schedule: Pesticide applications, if required, will take place the last full week of every month. Restricted entry signs are posted on school grounds after application by our licensed contractor.

Application of herbicides for weed control will be: October 12-26, 2019; May 16-30, 2020 and July 11-25, 2020.

If you would like to be notified of pesticide application outside of the general schedule, please call the Manager of Facilities and Site Operations, 651.351.8374.

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Radon Measurement
Stillwater Area Public Schools takes safety very seriously and works diligently to ensure we provide safe and healthy learning environments for all of our students. While radon testing is not required for schools in Minnesota, our district has tested our schools and have posted results online.