Enrollment Options: Alternate and Open Enrollment

See Policy #R1.4.1: Student Enrollment Options

Alternate Enrollment
Families in our community value choice and we provide a variety of learning environments to meet your child’s individual needs. All students in District 834 are eligible to attend school outside of their assigned attendance area providing space is available at the school of their choice and application processes are followed. Requests are filled based on priorities outlined on the Administrative ProceduresTransportation will not be provided for students choosing to enroll outside of their attendance area. 

Open Enrollment
We welcome non-resident students through Minnesota’s Open Enrollment Program, which allows any Minnesota student to apply to enroll in any public school in the state tuition-free. All non-resident student applications will be considered, providing that space is available at the school of choice, students are not dependent on district transportation and application processes are followed. Requests are filled based on priorities outlined on the Administrative Procedures

Call our Enrollment Office at 651.351.8412 for more information about enrollment options.