Electronic Technologies

See Policy SR 1.24: Technology Access and Acceptable Use

Students should have an opportunity to access technology resources and the Internet to facilitate learning, and for educational and personal growth in the use of technology, resource sharing, information gathering and communication skills. The use of District technology and access to use of the Internet is a privilege, not a right.

Access to the District technology system and to the Internet enables students and staff to explore global resources while exchanging messages with people around the world. Staff will blend thoughtful use of technology throughout the curriculum and will educate students about appropriate online behavior.

The Technology Access and Acceptable Use Policy sets forth guidelines for student access and use of district electronic technologies.

The proper use of the Internet is the joint responsibility of students, parents and employees of the district. Our schools are required to attempt to block or filter Internet access to any visual depictions that are obscene or otherwise harmful to minors. We work with teachers, parents, and students to teach our students to be responsible while online. Outside of school, parents/guardians are responsible for monitoring their student’s use of the district system and of the Internet.

Expanding Access to Technology

Stillwater students at all levels utilize technology to expand their learning. All of our elementary classrooms are equipped with one iPad, Chromebook or other digital device for every two students. At the secondary level, a mix of student-owned and district-owned devices provides about one device for every student. 

Skyward Family Access

Grade reports, homework assignments, messages from teachers, special school announcements and much more will be communicated with parents through the Skyward Family Access website. Family Access is used at the junior high and high school as a way for parents/guardians to stay informed about their student’s academic progress. Report cards, required forms, and other reports are also available for students in elementary school. Log on to Family Access

Stillwater Cloud

Students have access to Moodle and Google apps on the cloud. Each student, grades 6-12, will be provided a Cloud Account with an email account and access to Google apps. Students are expected to check their account on a regular basis for class and building information, and can also use their accounts for communicating with teachers and classmates.

Online Learning Opportunities

Stillwater Area Public Schools offers online learning opportunities for students, including special education students and those seeking enrichment and credit recovery. Online learning is available to full or part time students in grades 6-12. Students interested in online learning should contact their counselor or school administrator to gather information and guidelines.