Selection/Review of Instructional Resources

The Selection/Review Of Instructional Resources Policy R1.12 refers to the resources teachers select to meet their course objectives. Teachers inform parents of possible controversial resources and how parents may arrange for alternative instruction. 
Procedures for Selection/Use/Retention:
The licensed teacher has the right to select resources that he or she believes will increase effectiveness in meeting curriculum objectives. The licensed teacher recognizes the responsibility to use good judgment in the selection/use/retention of resources. The teacher who is in doubt concerning the advisability of using certain resources, which may be controversial in the classroom, will consult with the building principal or designee and determine a next course of action. This may include parental notification so that the parents or guardians may have the opportunity to review the material and arrange for alternative instruction (See Rule V) and P.E.R.
Instructional Resources Review and Request for Alternative Instruction:
Parents, guardians or adult students, 18 years of age or older, can review the content of instructional resources used in the classroom. Arrangements to review resources can be made with school personnel at any time. School personnel will notify parents regarding the use of instructional resources known to be controversial.