District Handbook

This online District Handbook includes important information regarding district policies, parent and students rights and expectations, and more.

Each school year parents/guardians will be required to sign off that they have reviewed the policies, procedures and required notices (see links below) in the online handbook. Log in to Skyward Family Access to sign the electronic form (available in mid-August).

Print a copy of the District Handbook or call 651.351.8340 to request a printed copy.

School Handbooks, with procedures specific to each building, are available under Parent Resources on each school's website.


Regular attendance is directly related to academic success, and helps student connect with peers and teachers.

Bullying Prohibition

Bullying by an individual student or a group of students is expressly prohibited on school district property and school-related functions.

Children with Disabilities

Our district defers to Minnesota State Statutes and Federal related to services for children with disabilities.

Compulsory Instruction

Our district defers to Minnesota State Statutes related to compulsory instruction, which covers a variety of parental rights.

Concerns and Feedback

While we work hard to provide the very best service to our students and families, we know we may not always meet your expectations. We welcome your feedback and concerns.

Discipline and Code of Conduct

The discipline policy provides examples of areas of unacceptable behavior subject to disciplinary action, as well as outlines the disciplinary actions that may be taken. 

Electronic Technologies

Technology is integrated into the learning environment, and students have access to a variety of digital devices both in and out of the classroom. 

Enrollment Options: Alternate and Open Enrollment

Families in our community value choice and we provide a variety of learning environments to meet your child’s individual needs.

Equal Opportunity for All

The district will provide equal opportunity in education and employment for all persons and will not discriminate.

Healthy Learning Environments

Our district implements a complete Health and Safety program to protect our students from harmful chemicals, allergens and/or other pollutants.

Parent Involvement

Parent engagement in a child’s learning has been shown to significantly impact student achievement, engagement in learning, and school attendance. 

Protection of Pupil Rights

The Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment (PPRA) gives students and parents rights regarding student surveys and other matters.

Racial, Religious, Sexual Harassment, Violence and Hazing

The district prohibits any form of religious, racial or sexual harassment, or religious, racial or sexual violence, and hazing.

School Meals

Students have opportunities to purchase nutritious breakfasts and lunches each day.

School Safety and Emergency Management

The district is committed to keeping students safe while they're in school and has a comprehensive plan in place to manage incidents related to weather, natural disasters or other emergencies.

Selection/Review of Instructional Resources

When controversial resources are used in a class to meet a course objective, parents are notified and may arrange for alternative instruction. 

Student Attire

A lack of attire, or personal grooming, that creates a danger to health or safety as well as attire that disrupts the educational process will not be allowed.

Student Health and Wellness

We work together with parents to ensure students are healthy and able to learn. Learn more about immunizations, medications, and other health related topics.

Student Learning

Students, parents and district educators share the responsibility of making sure that students are learning all they need to know.

Student Records

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) protects the privacy of student education records, and gives parents certain rights with respect to their child's education record.

Testing and Assessment

The district has a system of assessment in place to help us understand how our students are learning.


All students who ride a bus are subject to rules and regulations set forth by the State of Minnesota and the district’s school board.