Medication Policy


Whenever possible we ask that parents administer medications to students at home, however, we know that some students may require prescribed and/or over the counter medication during the school day. If medication is necessary during school hours, it will be administered in compliance with appropriate law and School District administrative procedures (see policy below).

The following must be provided before a medication (either prescription or over the counter) may be administered to a student at school (see forms M-2 and M-4 below):

  • A written authorization from a parent/guardian
  • A signed order from the licensed prescriber stating the name and dose of medication, times and duration for administration.

Medications must be sent in the original container or pharmacy labeled container. Students may carry asthma mediation and an EpiPen at school.

Secondary students may self-administer and self-carry non-prescription, over the counter, pain-relieving medication at school provided that they have written parent permission, the medication is in its original container, and the medication does not contain ephedrine or pseudoephedrine.