Immunizations & Physical Exams

Minnesota Statute 121A.15 requires every student enrolled in school to be immunized against certain diseases or file a legal medical or non-medical exemption. This law includes students enrolled in public and non-public PreK-12 programs, as well as childcare, preschool, alternative programs and home school programs. 

Students will not be able to attend school if their immunizations are not in compliance in one of the following ways:

  • Immunization record. The Immunization Form (or the Immunization Form - Spanish) can be used to document vaccinations and/or to claim an exemption from the requirements for medical or non-medical exemptions. Schools will accept other versions of immunization records too as long as all required immunizations are listed.
  • Medical exemptions must be signed by a health care provider.
  • Non-medical exemptions must be signed by a parent/guardian and notarized.

Any time your child is due for an immunization, updated records showing compliance must be submitted to your child’s school. Common times this occurs would be:

  • Any new student moving into the district.
  • All students entering kindergarten (including their five-year-old shots).
  • All seventh graders who haven’t yet turned in their immunization records for middle school.
  • Any high school student who has received immunizations (meningococcal vaccination is due age 16-18).

Physical and Dental Exams
It is strongly recommended that children have a complete school health physical exam before entering kindergarten and grade 7. A dental exam is recommended at least once a year. Students participating in athletics must have had a physical exam every three years.

Submit all health forms to your school.

Where to go for Immunizations

Need to get your child immunized? Check with your local clinic or medical provider. Washington County also provides immunizations on a sliding fee scale.