Junior High School (Grades 7 - 9)

4 Easy Steps to Enroll Your Student in Junior High

Step One

The first step in enrolling your child into junior high is to fill out the appropriate school-year enrollment form:

*Please note that those entering 7th grade are required to complete a health physical and an immunization check. (Helpful hint: use the checklist for immunization requirements)

Immunization Information

Step Two

Mail your completed forms along with a copy of your students birth certificate and record of immunizations or bring them to the following address:

Stillwater Area Public Schools
Enrollment Office
1875 Greeley Street South
Stillwater, MN, 55082

You may also fax your completed forms to 651.351.8370.

For more information contact Adam Mazzara via email, mazzaraa@stillwaterschools.org or by phone at 651.351.8412.

Step Three

After the forms from step one have been submitted and processed, the next step is to contact the counseling office to setup an orientation appointment. The number to call will be decided by which junior high school your child is entering.

Those entering Stillwater Junior High School can contact the counselor's secretary, Lynn Walek, walekl@stillwaterschools.org or 651-351-6908, or one of the following counselors:

Those entering Oak-Land Junior High School can contact the counselor's secretary, Christine Haumersen at haumersenc@stillwaterschools.org or 651.351.8516, or you can contact one of the following counselors:

Step Four

Choose registration form based on junior high and grade you are entering.