Homeschool Forms

Carefully review all forms to ensure compliance with School District 834 policies and MN State Statutes:

  • Stillwater School District Homeschool Full Report If you have a child that is new to homeschooling in the Stillwater Area Public School District, please complete and return to the Home School Liaison for School District 834 by October 1, 2019. 
  • Student Report For Aids to Nonpublic Students (ED-01650-31) – If you are requesting reimbursement please complete this form and return to the Home School Liaison for School District 834 by October 1, 2019You must bring your books and receipts in to the Homeschool Liaison between November 1, 2019 and May 25, 2020.  Please call or email Adam Mazzara for an appointment. The Minnesota Department of Education has established the following reimbursement rates for 2019-20 school year per eligible pupil:
    1. Textbooks, Standardized Test, and Individualized Instructional Materials - $85.09
    2. Pupil Health Services - $81.19
    3. Secondary Pupil Guidance & Counseling Services - $272.08
  • Immunization Information –  Please submit the Student Immunization Form to the Home School Liaison for School District 834 by October 1, 2019. Documentation is required the first year of homeschooling and again when your student turns 12 years of age.  
  • Application for Home School Students to Participate in School District 834 Curricular Courses – If you wish to have your student participate in courses that are available in School District 834, please complete and submit applicable form (Elementary or Secondary) to the Home School Liaison for School District 834. Forms will be given to the appropriate building principal, and a decision will be made depending on the capacity of the program or class, school capacity, and other considerations. For secondary programs, students are eligible to take up to two classes per semester.

Homeschool Full Report (pdf, 581 KB)

The person or nonpublic school in charge of providing instruction to a child must submit a Full Report to the superintendent of the school district where the child resides. Read more about when this report needs to be filed.

Letter of Intent to Continue to Provide Instruction (pdf, 620 KB)

Must be submitted by October 1 of each year after a Full Report has been filed in the same district.

Student Report for Aids to Non-Public Students (pdf, 118 KB)

Must be completed and filed indicating the number of participating eligible students for each Program Element. 

Homeschool Elementary Course Application (pdf, 136 KB)

Application to participate in elementary District 834 curricular courses.

Homeschool Secondary Course Application (pdf, 79 KB)

Application to participate in secondary District 834 curricular courses.