Emergency Management

In 2011, Stillwater Area Public Schools, in collaboration with Northeast Metro 916, was awarded a $386,000 Readiness & Emergency Management for Schools (REMS) Grant by the United States Department of Education. This grant provides funding to help schools develop improved crisis plans.

With this funding, Stillwater Area Public Schools and Northeast Metro 916 Intermediate School District has conducted extensive evaluations of all four areas of school crisis planning, as recommended by the United States Department of Education including:

  • Prevention and mitigation
  • Preparedness
  • Response
  • Recovery

Addressing these four areas reduces risk and improves school climate - enhancing the ability of students to learn. The project includes a variety of efforts, like: 

  • Internal evaluations of safety, security and emergency preparedness
  • Enhanced collaboration between the school district and area public safety agencies
  • Training for district employees
  • Updated and expanded school crisis plans
  • Enhanced approaches to school emergency drills and exercises
  • Production of a series of custom school safety training videos for use in training of students and staff

Stillwater Area Public Schools is working to implement an assessment-based approach to school safety. This means making safety-related decisions based on facts, not assumptions. The Office of Safe and Drug Free Schools recommends this strategy, since it allows schools and their community partners to work more effectively towards the goal of creating safer and more inviting places to learn and work. We appreciate your interest and support for school safety.