digital Backpack

The digital Backpack program is a venue for local community organizations to share information with families.  Below is a list of current flyers available to download. Click on the title to view and print the flyer. If you have questions regarding these programs, please contact the organizations directly.




Community Resources and Support for Families

Looking to promote an event or program through digital Backpack?

Organizations wishing to post information, must submit a completed digital Backpack application along with a PDF of the flyer/information.

Stillwater Area Public Schools recognizes the role of non-profit organizations that serve youth. Our digital Backpack program provide opportunities for local organizations to share their program information with students in our district. All materials to be distributed must be pre-approved through Community Education. Individual schools will not process requests. Requests will be reviewed on the basis of the School District’s data practices and advertising policies. Organizations offering a program in direct conflict with District 834 school athletics or Community Education classes will not have materials approved for distribution. These access opportunities are only available to NON-PROFIT, YOUTH-SERVING organizations.

* Stillwater Area Public Schools neither endorses nor sponsors these organizations, their missions or their policies. 

Community Information digital Backpack Application

Fill out this application to submit a flier for our digital Backpack. You will also need to email a sample of your flier to

Open Forum Application

Organizations wishing to distribute information at any of our district’s events must submit this formal Open Forum application to the Community Education department.