Elementary School Busing Maps

District transportation is provided to students that reside one-half mile or more from their assigned elementary school. The distance was calculated using a specially designed computer software program that accurately measures the distance from the school building entrance (designated by the district for student use) to your property.

View your designated school's map below to determine if your student is eligible for bus transporation:

Afton-Lakeland (pdf, 99 KB)
Andersen (pdf, 173 KB)
Lake Elmo (pdf, 86 KB)
Lily Lake (pdf, 161 KB)
New Heights Charter School (pdf, 223 KB)
Rutherford (pdf, 121 KB)
Salem Lutheran School (pdf, 162 KB)
St. Croix Catholic School (pdf, 191 KB)
St. Croix Preparatory School (pdf, 93 KB)
Stonebridge (pdf, 155 KB)