Karen Latterell

Curriculum Lead: Literacy & Secondary
Karen was hired in 1998 and taught English and reading until 2012 (14 years). During 2012-13, she operated the Stillwater Area High School media center. She made the move to Central Services for the 2013-14 school year where her role is curriculum lead and intervention coordinator.
Karen coordinates:
  • Curriculum
  • Curriculum support team teachers
  • District professional development
  • Read with Me (funded through ADSIS--Alternative Delivery of Supplemental Instructional Services)
  • Reading Well by Third Grade/Local Literacy Plan
  • Title I

At home, she has a husband, who is also in education in a neighboring district, two boys who swim competitively, and a dog named Reacher--named after the book character Jack Reacher (not the movie version!).  In addition to working in Stillwater and raising a family, she also teaches adjunct undergraduate and graduate reading education classes at the University of St. Thomas (since 2011).