Derek Berg

Derek Berg, Principal

Dear Parents and Families,

A sincere welcome to Stonebridge Elementary School! Our family and community partnerships are tremendous and we are grateful for your support. We hope your time spent here is challenging and rewarding and we invite you to become partners with us in your child’s education.

The staff at Stonebridge Elementary maintains a very high level of expertise and work collaboratively to meet the individual needs of all children. We have a healthy combination of teachers with experience ranging from many years to just a few years in the classroom.

Our teachers strive to provide opportunities for multiple learning styles that encourage growth and foster a desire to learn. We believe building positive relationships is critical for student success and developing productive social skills.  Each of our staff members works hard to create a positive and safe learning environment for our students.

Stonebridge welcomes your involvement in your child's education. Please take the opportunity to connect with the staff and myself during the school year.

We welcome you to our elementary school and hope to see you become involved in the exciting world of our students’ education.

Derek has obtained his BA from Bethel College, MA from the University of Minnesota and 6th Year Certificate from Minnesota State University - Mankato.