Minnesota's first public school house

Mrs. Marie Bolles* was among the first students in the first public school house in the State of Minnesota - built in 1848. This school was located on Olive between Second and Thirds Streets. It was a log house with cracks in the walls. Each time it rained, new plaster (mud) had to be applied by hand to keep out the elements. The walls were lined with benches. The students were nine in number. (Before this the students met in McKusick's store on Main and Myrtle.) The 3R's were taught there. Miss Sarah Louise Judd was the first teacher. Grammar was also one of their strong points. 

Mrs. Bolles would get up early in the morning, milk the cows, prepare breakfast and tidy up the kitchen afterwards and then trudge a weary mile through the primeval forest to get to school. When she got home at night there was more work to be done.

*Mrs. Marie Bolles, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Carli arrived in Stillwater on June 29, 1841. Mrs. Carli was persuaded by her half brother, Joseph R. Brown, founder of Stillwater and leading pioneer in Minnesota to come North. Mrs. Bolles was the age of 5.

Excerpt from "School District 834 and the Bicentennial Year" published April 1976.