Strategic Vision of Stillwater Schools


A place where students learn beyond the classroom walls - alongside professionals in laboratories, clinics or office buildings.

A place where teachers know each student’s passion, and design personalized learning opportunities to capture each child’s curiosity and imagination.

A community that nurtures its youngest members, and partners together to meet students’ social, emotional, physical and academic needs.

You're invited to be part of the new Stillwater Area Public Schools. Watch these videos to learn more about the community's vision for its public schools, and to see where we want to be five years from now.

The Need for Passion

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The Need for Personalization

Our vision is to provide every child with a personalized learning pathway designed around their needs. Learn more.

The Need for Passion

Our vision is for every child to be passionate and energized about their learning.

The Need for Community

Our vision is for every child to be an active and engaged leader in and ever-changing world.

The Vision - Full Video

The Vision - Full Video, includes clips relating to
the Need for Personalization,
the Need for Passion and
the Need for Community. 

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