School Board Meetings 2020-2021


Until further notice, all meetings of the School Board including, but not limited to regular, special, and emergency board meetings and working group (committee meetings), will be conducted by telephone or other electronic means. Board meetings will also be web streamed live on YouTube. (NOTE: Meeting video will automatically load to the YouTube page at the start of the meeting. Archived videos can be found below.)

Read the board's Pandemic Meeting Protocols statement.

  • School Board Meeting Calendar 2020 can be found here
  • Watch School Board Business Meetings live on our YouTube channel (for best viewing on a mobile device, download the YouTube app)

The below table contains links for applicable 2019-2020 meeting notices, materials, minutes, and videos. For archived meeting materials or videos, please contact Joan Hurley at 651.351.8455 or

Meeting Date

Type of Meeting





November 19, 2020BusinessAgenda Revised Packet3  
November 19, 2020Closed    
November 13, 2020SpecialAgenda PacketMinutes  
November 5, 2020Business Agenda Revised Packet  Minutes Video 
November 5, 2020Work Session Facilities Priorities Video
October 29, 2020Special
October 22, 2020BusinessAgendaRevised PacketMinutes Video
October 8, 2020BusinessAgenda Revised Packet MinutesVideo  
October 8, 2020Work Session 


Enrollment Study

October 1, 2020Closed   Minutes 
September 24, 2020Business Agenda Revised PacketMinutes Video 
September 10, 2020BusinessAgenda Packet  MinutesVideo
September 3, 2020Special / ClosedAgenda Packet Minutes 
August 20, 2020Closed   Minutes 
 August 20, 2020 Business Revised Agenda

Revised Packet2

August 20, 2020Closed   Minutes 
August 14 2020Special Agenda Materials
August 13, 2020Special / Closed
 August 6, 2020Business Revised Agenda


Minutes  Video
August 6, 2020Closed  Minutes  
August 5, 2020SpecialAgenda  Materials Minutes 
August 3, 2020SpecialAgenda Materials  MinutesVideo 
July 30, 2020Special Agenda Materials Minutes Video
 July 23, 2020 BusinessAgenda  Packet MinutesVideo
July 21, 2020Closed  Minutes  
July 13, 2020Special / ClosedAgenda  Packet Minutes
July 9, 2020 Business Agenda Packet Minutes  Video

13D.015 Subd 5.Notice. If telephone or another electronic means is used to conduct a regular, special, or emergency meeting, the entity shall provide notice of the regular meeting location, of the fact that some members may participate by electronic means, and of the provisions of subdivision 4. The timing and method of providing notice is governed by section 13D.04. In addition, the entity must post the notice on its website at least ten days before any regular meeting as defined in section 13D.04, subdivision 1.