Levy Investment Plan

Investing in Excellence


Levy dollars will be targeted to support students and classrooms in the following ways:

  • 82% of revenue = Provide financial stability
  • 15% of revenue = Invest in Bridge to Excellence plan
  • 3% of revenue = Increase school safety and security 


Financial Stability

Renew expiring levy
(less state funding for all-day kindergarten)

$10.1 million
View the Budget Cut List that would have been implemented if the levy was not approved.

Address annual budget shortfall and reduce future reductions

 $3.24 million
Learn more about factors contributing to our annual budget shortfall.

Bridge to Excellence

Invest in Bridge to Excellence,
our new strategic plan

$2.4 million
View the complete Bridge to Excellence Budget, and see how levy dollars will be invested.
NOTE: The levy would provide support for 75 percent of the year 2-4  action steps. The remainder will be paid by reallocating resources.


Enhance school safety and security

Learn more about the Security Enhancements for our school buildings.


8 years



Provides $1,536 per pupil annually


Generates $16.2 million per year when combined with a $300 per pupil school board authorized levy