Policy # R 4.6.5: Distribution of Materials on School District Property by Non-School Persons

Policy Title: Distribution of Materials on School District Property by Non-School Persons
Policy Level: R 4.6.5
Date Approved: 4-13-17

  1. Outside (non-school district) persons or organizations are not allowed to distribute materials on school district property, except non-profit organizations, and in limited situations for-profit organizations, as set forth in this policy.

  1. Each year, the District will establish and post on the District website, the guidelines and procedures for distribution of materials. 

  2. Organizations or persons seeking to distribute materials must comply with District established guidelines, including pre-approval prior to distribution.

3.1. Approval of the posting or distribution of materials does not imply endorsement or support on behalf of school and district administration, staff or students.

3.2. The School District reserves the right to deny permission for distribution or posting of materials including, but limited to materials that directly compete with district programs or services and/or are not suitable for the school environment, because the materials contain content that is vulgar, obscene, harassing, constitutes hate speech, endangers the health and safety of students, promotes illegal activity, or will create a material and substantial disruption. Any permissions to distribute will be subject to reasonable time, place, and manner restrictions.

  1. Distribution of Information through Electronic Media

4.1. All distribution of materials shall be limited to posting by the school district via electronic media and/or e-mail transmission to parents by the school district.

4.2. The Board recognizes that many local non-profit community organizations provide the Districts’ students quality learning opportunities outside of the regular school day.   The Board will consider the posting and transmission of information about these opportunities through the District’s electronic media, including the following criteria:

 4.2.1. Groups posting information must: Be local, non-profit organizations with an official 501(c)3 designation or similar non-profit status; and Offering activities, events, classes, or resources, within District boundaries, which contribute to the positive academic, social, or physical development of students.

4.3. The District will consider posting or transmission of information by for-profit organizations only when the information meets the criteria in of this policy, and the event or activity is determined not to be a method to create a captive audience for proprietary interests, as determined by the school district.  

5. Any party violating this policy or distributing materials on school district property without permission will be directed to leave the property immediately and, if necessary, law enforcement will be contacted.

6. The school district administration may develop additional guidelines and procedures necessary to implement this policy for submission to the school board for approval. Upon approval by the school board, such guidelines and procedures shall be an addendum to this policy.