Policy # R 4.6.3: Soliciting and Selling

Policy # R 4.6.3: Soliciting and Selling

Policy Title: Soliciting and Selling
Policy Level: R 4.6.3
Date Approved: Approved: 1-17-72; Amended: 5-8-85

It is the policy of I.S.D. 834 that teachers shall not use school time or school facilities in connection with any activity for financial profit outside the school program.
Violations of this provision will be held to be willful insubordination.

Except as may be expressly authorized by the board of education or the superintendent, no teachers shall:

Permit any commercial advertising to be announced, distributed or otherwise promoted in or through the schools.

Permit the solicitation or collection of subscriptions or contributions from pupils or their parents in or through the schools.

Legal References: Minnesota Rule 8700/7500 Code of Ethics for Minnesota teachers

Rationale: School time should be used for instruction of students.