Policy # R 4.6.12: Gifting

Policy # R 4.6.12: Gifting

Policy Title: Gifting
Policy Level: R 4.6.12
Date Approved: First Reading: 9-09-04; Approved: 9-23-04

It is the policy of the I.S.D. 834 Board of Education to accept gifts and donations that are consistent with the mission of Stillwater Area Schools and enhance the quality of education for its students. All gifts and donations shall comply with the statutory requirements of the State of Minnesota, applicable Internal Revenue codes, and administrative procedures and regulations.

Legal Reference:
Minnesota Statute 123B.02, Subd. 6 (Bequests, Donations, Gifts)
Minnesota Statute 465.03 (Gifts)
Internal Revenue Code of 1986, 170(c)

Rationale: This policy, procedures and regulations that support it, provide guidelines for the acceptance of gifts by I.S.D. 834 Board of Education or its agents.