Policy # R 4.6: Personnel

Policy # R 4.6: Personnel

Policy Title: Personnel
Policy Level: R 4.6
Date Approved: First Reading: 8-07-03; Approved: 9-11-03

It is the policy of I.S.D. 834 that employees shall perform their jobs in a professional, competent and ethical manner without violating the public trust or applicable laws, policies, and regulations while adhering to District values. It is not practical or possible to enumerate all of the situations that might fall under the guidelines of this policy. In addition to other policies, regulations, and approved practices that have been established covering specific areas of activity, (such as purchasing), the absence of a law, policy, or regulation covering a particular situation does not relieve an employee from the responsibility to exercise the highest ethical standards at all times.

Rationale: The people employed by I.S.D. 834 are expected to be of the highest quality in professional expertise and ethical standards.