Policy # R 1.4.3: Attendance and Student Mobility

Policy # R 1.4.3: Attendance and Student Mobility

Policy Title: Attendance and Student Mobility
Policy Level: R 1.4.3
Date Approved: Policy Adopted: 6-28-71; Reviewed: 5-08-85

It is the policy of I.S.D. 834 that the school of attendance for students that move between schools and school districts shall be governed by the following:

Transfers between Schools
In cases where the student’s residence changes from one school attendance area to another, transfer shall be immediate and automatic unless the student obtains a special permit to continue in the school he or she was attending before the change of residence. This permit is to be allowed only in exceptional cases.

Transfers from Outside the District
A student transferring into I.S.D. 834 schools from another school shall be placed at the grade level equivalent to that in which he or she was enrolled at the time of the transfer. Placement in the different “tracks” of the district’s program shall be made on the basis of previous achievement records and data available from the previous school. Placement of students transferring between school terms shall be determined by previous school and achievement records.

Children transferring to our kindergarten from a district with different admission dates will be accepted on the basis of the rule in effect in that district.

Legal References:
123B.02 General powers of independent school districts (Subd. 2)

Rationale: Orderly movement and continuation of education program promoted by adherence to state and federal law and school policy when student mobility is involved.