Policy # R 1.4: School Attendance Areas

Policy # R 1.4: School Attendance Areas

Policy Title: School Attendance Areas
Policy Level: R 1.4
Date Approved: Policy Adopted: 7-24-75; Amended: 5-8-85

It is the policy of I.S.D. 834 that a student shall attend the elementary and secondary school in the attendance area in which he or she resides unless an alternate request is made by parents and otherwise assigned by the administration.

Whenever a change in attendance boundaries is proposed, parents in the affected area(s) will be notified of the possible change no later than April 1, except as justified by unusual circumstances, prior to the date of the actual change. The matter will be a discussion item on the board agenda at least one meeting prior to formally adopting any change in attendance boundaries.

Legal References:
123B.02 General powers of independent school districts (Subd. 2)

Rationale: Each school in I.S.D. 834 is of high quality. Attendance from a prescribed boundary balances the number of students attending each school and provides increased opportunity for quality educational planning.