Policy # R 1.3.21: Online Learning Policy

Policy # R 1.3.21: Online Learning Policy

Policy Title:
Online Learning Policy
Policy Level: R 1.3.21
Date Approved: 4-06-06

The purpose of this policy is to recognize and govern Online Learning (OLL) options of students enrolled in the school district for purposes of compulsory attendance. Students enrolled in Stillwater Area Public Schools or who are residents of the State of Minnesota and enroll in Stillwater Area Public Schools as a part of Stillwater’s OLL program, are eligible to participate in OLL coursework.

District 834 offers Online Learning (OLL) opportunities for all students, including special education students and those seeking enrichment and credit recovery. OLL is available to full or part time students in grades 7-12.

Legal References:
Minn. Stat. _ 123B.42. Subd. 1 (Curriculum; Electronic Components)
Minn. Stat. _ 124D.03 (Enrollment Options Program)
Minn. Stat. _ 124D.09 (Post-Secondary Enrollment Options Act)
Minn. Stat. _ 124D.095 ( Online Learning Option Act)

Rationale: Stillwater Area Public Schools values choice for students and parents. This policy is designed to offer an option for students to participate in academic programming using the Online Learning environment and to respond to statutory requirements.