Policy # R 1.12: Selection and Review of Instructional Resources

Policy # R 1.12: Selection and Review of Instructional Resources

Policy Title: Selection and Review of Instructional Resources
Policy Level: R 1.12
Date Approved: Policy Adopted: 3-29-79; Amended: 5-08-85; Amended: 7-27-95; Amended: 6-24-99; Amended: 8-07-03

It is the policy of I.S.D. 834 that it recognizes the need for providing quality instructional resources which support I.S.D. 834’s Mission, Core Values, and instructional program.

Resources shall enhance learning and critical thinking and promote tolerance, respect, and understanding of all individuals and groups. Resources shall be selected to bring connection, articulation, and focus to the teaching process.

The I.S.D. 834 Board of Education is legally responsible for the operation of the schools. Resources selected shall be consistent with I.S.D. 834’s Mission and Core Values and contribute to the instructional program for which they will be used.

The I.S.D. 834 Board of Education directs the Superintendent/designee to implement rules and procedures which provide for:

Definition of instructional resources:

  • Materials to support the instructional process (Rule I)

Responsibility for selection:

  • Delegated to certified teaching personnel by the school board (Rule II)

Criteria for selection

  • Resources selected based on specific criteria (Rule III)

Procedures for selection/use/retention (Rule IV)
Instructional Resources Review and Request for Alternative Instruction

  • Opportunity for curriculum review and request for alternative instruction

Challenge procedure (Rule VI)

  • Process to challenge selected resources

Guidelines pertaining to overdue, damaged, or lost materials (Rule VII)

Legal References:
Internet Acceptable Use Policy
Minnesota Statutes 120B.11, 120B.20
Master Contract Article V, Section 9

Rationale: I.S.D. 834 recognizes the importance of using a variety of instructional materials/resources including textbooks to meet the instructional needs of all students. I.S.D. 834 is required by Minnesota law to implement rules and procedures for the selection, review, and challenge of instructional materials/resources.