Policy # R 1.11: Student Publications

Policy # R 1.11: Student Publications

Policy Title: Student Publications
Policy Level: R 1.11
Date Approved: Policy Adopted: 1-17-72; Amended: 5-8-85

It is the policy of I.S.D. 834 that freedom of speech and of expression in all student publications is to be observed by the administration and faculty. Freedom, however, does not confer upon students a license to disrupt the school nor violate the core values of I.S.D. 834. Therefore, it is incumbent upon the professional staff to define the limits of students’ freedom of speech respecting school affairs to protect the state’s compelling interest in maintaining a school atmosphere conducive to an orderly program of learning.
Freedom of expression in our schools shall be interpreted as including, but not being contrary to:

Development of student responsibility in distinguishing between freedom and license.

Consideration by the faculty of the maturity levels of students and of appropriate standards of journalistic taste.

Care for the development of skills of written expression among students.

Rationale: School-sponsored student publications are important elements of the instructional program and contribute directly to the accomplishment of the district’s goals. The Board of Education supports the development of student-produced school publications.