Policy # R 1.0: Shared Responsibility and Student Performance Measures

Policy Title: Shared Responsibility and Student Performance Measures

Policy Number: R 1.0 [REVISED]

Adopted: 07-17-2014

Review Frequency: One year from adoption


1. The Board of Education is committed to identifying meaningful measures of student

performance in order to monitor and improve student learning. These measures will assist in

making informed decisions related to the use of staff and financial resources.


2. Shared Responsibility for Student Learning


2.1. Students are responsible for their own learning.


2.1.1. It is expected that, through opportunities made available by District 834, students

will develop their academic talents in order to become lifelong learners.


2.2. Parents/guardians are expected to be active participants in student learning.


2.2.1. Parents/guardians are expected to ensure their child(ren)’s attendance at school,

insist on the completion of student work, monitor student performance, and

advocate for the needs of their child(ren).


2.3. Teachers are recognized as having the most important impact on day-to-day student



2.3.1. Through the use of innovative practices, positive relationships, and the

implementation of district curriculum, high achievement for all learners is



2.3.2. Teachers’ professional learning plans, as well as the evaluation of teachers, must

have student learning as their ultimate outcome.


2.4. The community plays a vital role in student learning.


2.4.1. Through its financial support, the community will determine the scope of the

district educational programming and opportunities for student choice.


2.4.2. The community’s willingness to partner, as volunteers, community experts, and as

a support system for our students, will help determine how effective the District

can be in helping all students reach their potential.


2.5. The Superintendent shall administer district programs and evaluate the outcomes through

seven measures of student performance.


2.5.1. Measures of Student Performance Student Engagement Student Social, Emotional and Behavioral Development Kindergarten Readiness Third Grade Literacy Proficiency Closing of Identified Achievement Gaps College and Career Readiness High School Graduation Rates


2.5.2. Success in these measures of performance is defined as maintaining or improving

the results over time.


2.6. The Board of Education, in its governance capacity, will bi-annually review the results of

the measures of student performance.