Welcoming students to middle school

May 19, 2017

With wide eyes and lots of questions, fifth and sixth grade students from across the district have had their first glimpse at what next year has in store.

For the past several weeks next year’s sixth and seventh graders, who will be transitioning to middle school next year, have visited Stillwater and Oak-Land middle schools. During the field trip students have heard from the schools’ principals, as well as from a panel of current students. They’ve had the opportunity to ask questions, and learn all about what they can expect when they arrive next fall as official middle school students.

“How long is lunch?”

“Will the older kids bother me?”

“Have you ever gotten lost?”

“Is it hard to open your locker?”

Those are just a few of the common questions answered by the older students on the panel. The future middle schoolers also learned about the middle school schedule, the types of classes they’ll be taking, and the many clubs, activities and sports that will be available after school.

The younger students also had an opportunity to tour the building, and explore the hallways and various learning spaces. They were led on the tours by current students, who answered additional questions and calmed any fears the younger students expressed.

“This is awesome,” said one Lake Elmo fifth-grader. “I can’t wait to come here in the fall.”

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