Summer learning fun

August 03, 2018
students in gym spelling word on floor

230 students from across the district took a break from summer relaxing and headed back to school. Students grades 1-6 took part in Summer Success at Andersen Elementary from July 16 through August 2. The three week program is designed to give students the opportunity to catch up to classmates and better prepare them for the coming year.

This year’s program not only taught students new skills, but kept them active and engaged through cross-curricular lessons. Third graders combined physical education with literacy. With heart rate monitors on, they climbed a rock wall then ran to their teacher to get a spelling word. They sorted through letters on the gym floor to spell it out before starting the process all over in a race to see how many words they could spell. In another class, students read a chapter book about animals and then used their geometry skills to create a zoo calculating the perimeter and area of the cages.

Summer Success is part of the district’s Targeted Services program, which supports students who learn in different ways or at a difference pace than their peers. Targeted Services provides additional time during the summer, as well as before or after school during the school year, for students to learn in new and fun ways and in smaller learning environments.