St. Croix Valley ALC Wins Elympics competition

May 11, 2018
St. Croix Valley ALC Wins Elympics competition

Congrats to the St. Croix Valley ALC for capturing first place in the Elympics competition!

ALC students beat out teams from twenty-five other alternative schools throughout the state of Minnesota in the knowledge competition. Students can use any resources at their disposal except the teachers of their program. This event promotes teamwork and problem solving and is coached by Michelle Engelstad. Teacher Tom Wendt was the creator and facilitator of the statewide event since its inception more than fifteen years ago. This is the first ever championship for the ALC team. Sixteen students took part in the competition.

The core members of the team were:

Jazon Berguetski
Michael Burrs
Kimma Erenberg
Cody Johnson
Maddy Peters
Josie Van Dusartz
Tyler Warner
Connor Willingham

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