SJHS student wins state science fair

March 31, 2017

Stillwater Junior High ninth grader Hannah Farmer won the top award at the 80th annual Minnesota State Science and Engineering Fair in Minneapolis. She was one of four students selected from over 160 high school participants be named a finalist to the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF). She receives an all-expense paid trip to present her work this May in Los Angeles. ISEF is the world's largest international pro-college science competition, featuring more than 1,700 high school students from over 70 countries. Hannah's project, titled "Investigating Flow in Rotating Cylindrical Tubes," was conducted this academic year as part of an assignment in Mr. Kahl's science class.

A total of eight Stillwater students were among nearly 400 other students who presented research posters at the state science fair, including Abby Banks, Nate Farmer, Haley Jostes and Everett Kroll from Stillwater Area High School; Michael Finch and Max Vogel from Oak-Land Junior High School; Hannah Farmer from Stillwater Junior High School; and Ella Fix from Afton-Lakeland Elementary School.

Last month, Stillwater Area High School tenth grader Everett Kroll was named a finalist through the Twin Cities Regional Science Fair and tenth grader Haley Jostes, along with Hannah, were named as alternates. Altogether through the state and regional fairs only seven finalists and seven alternates were chosen, and Stillwater area students won three of those 14 awards.

In addition, Nate Farmer was one of 61 students from Minnesota, South Dakota and North Dakota to present research papers at the 49th annual North Central Regional Junior Science and Humanities Symposium. He placed 4th, winning him an expense-paid trip to the national JSHS in San Diego this spring.

Here are additional results reported to us from the state fair. Congratulations to all the students!

Everett Kroll: 2nd place Beckman Coulter engineering award and the Office of Naval Research special award.

Abby Banks: SPIE 2nd place high school award for excellence in optics.

Haley Jostes: Minnesota Academy of Science (MAS) bronze medal grand award.

Max Vogel: Stockholm Junior Water Prize.

Nate Farmer: MAS bronze medal grand award, the MAS Presidential Award for best research
paper in the category of Medicine and Health.

More than 20 winners from the 2017 Da Vinci Fest Science Fair went on to further competition at the Twin Cities Regional Science Fair. These were the results reported to us.

Six students advanced from the regional to state competition: Nate Farmer, Hannah Farmer, Michael Finch, Everett Kroll, Haley Jostes and Max Vogel. In addition, students earned additional special honors.

Hannah Farmer: Orbital ATK Sponsor Award; 3M Award; Navy Award: ISEF 2nd alternate; JSHS alternate High School Paper.

Nate Farmer: Dow Chemical Sponsor Award runner-up; 3rd Place High School Paper; paper advanced to JSHS 3 State Regionals.

Everett Kroll: ISEF Finalist; 3M Award; Caffeinated Student ISEF Alumni Award; ASM Award.

Haley Jostes: Grade 10 Women in Science Award; America Fisheries Award; Association of Women in Geo-sciences Award; ISEF 1st Alternate.

Max Vogel: ISEF Alumni Award; Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom Award; Caffeinated Student ISEF Alumni Award; Stockholm Junior Water Prize; Ecolab Award.

Michael Finch: Stockholm Junior Water Prize and Sponsor Award.

Milan Jostes: Astronomical Society Award; Air Force Award; Navy Award; ISEF Alumni Award.

Chelsea Lai: Premier Bank Award; University of Minnesota Award; 3M Inventor Award; Intel Excellence in Computer Science Award.

Orion Tyrell: Astronomical Society Award and a Sponsor Award.